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About Us

WebexWp’s vision is to empower website owners and small-scale developers with proficient knowledge in WordPress, thereby alleviating the dependency on technical support typically provided by developers. Additionally, it aims to cater to individuals operating within budgetary constraints, enabling them to procure essential plugins for their projects or client assignments.

In many instances, the costs associated with acquiring plugins for client websites can be prohibitive, especially in regions with developing economies. WebexWp seeks to address this challenge by providing a platform for knowledgeable individuals, bloggers, and developers who prioritize cost-efficiency over extensive support or automatic updates.

The term “open source” is a cornerstone of WebexWp’s philosophy, signifying the freedom associated with software or code that is freely available for use. While developers reserve the right to charge for their creations, users enjoy the liberty to leverage the acquired code in accordance with their needs.

When distributing copies of such software, whether free of charge or for a fee, it is imperative to uphold the rights of recipients. This entails ensuring access to the source code and informing them of their entitlements under these terms.

Therefore, downloading plugins and themes from WebexWp is not only legal but also encourages users to leverage these resources across various projects without constraints, fostering a community of collaboration and innovation.

You have the liberty to utilize, replicate, examine, modify, and refine the products to your liking.

WordPress operates on the principles of open source software and is governed by the GPL (General Public License), which you can find more information about on the WordPress website > here.

It’s imperative to understand that any software developed on the WordPress platform must maintain the original GPL license.

We firmly assert that plugins and themes constitute derivative work and therefore inherit the GPL license.

Who are we?

We are a company specializing in the distribution of software essential for website development. Our offerings include WordPress themes and plugins, PHP scripts, and JavaScript tools.

Established in 2021, our platform has swiftly risen to become one of the premier destinations for premium digital products tailored for website design.

Our objective is to provide every user with access to premium products at affordable rates!

We curate the latest versions of top-notch WordPress templates, plugins, PHP scripts, and JavaScript tools, while also prioritizing user-friendliness. This includes an ad-free experience, direct download links, and intuitive search and navigation functionalities.

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